I decided to take the text from an Instagram post and publish it here as well. Right now I’m spending time clearing up parts of the land and observing where I want to put different elements in my Permaculture design for the farm.

Snow turns out to be an efficient tool for Permaculture design as I can clearly see where I (and other creatures) naturally walk on the land and where it would be beneficial to place growing beds, the future sauna, outdoor kitchen and other features I plan on building.

But the original post below contains some more thoughts on why I choose to live the way I do right now:

Front yard

Why does one choose to buy a shabby old house with no running water in the cold north?

For me it’s about self-reliance and asking myself what I really need. Compared to how many live this is a real luxury life. I have electricity, decent internet connection, plenty of land and a clean well. Do I really need a washing machine and a fancy shower? I’m still figuring that out.

It’s partially an experiment. Considering where the world might be heading due to human impact, many of us might have to cut some of our comforts sooner than we think. Knowing what that feels like beforehand seems like an advantage.

Cabin near Älandsbro Höga Kusten

It’s about asking what I can be without and what I can build up with renewable resources should I feel that I want to have them later. Finding creative solutions to building resilient systems. Grow food, know I have water even when there’s a summer-long drought.

Most of all, this is a beautiful location where I feel like I can build a future with meaningful daily tasks and enough space for my own messy brain and creative aspirations.

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